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Breakthroughs in Closing the Economic Gap


About Us

Emerge Solutions promotes lasting solutions to close the economic gap and build community sustainability at the local, regional and national levels by building a network of advocates to advance economic inclusion and opportunity across our communities. We believe we can be a positive force for closing the economic gap by supporting initiatives to advance economic equality through collaboration, education, advocacy and proven solutions.

Emerge Solutions was founded under the name Advancing Bridges at the 2012 Addressing the Challenges of Poverty National Conference. The organization began as a collaboration of Bridges Out of Poverty communities seeking to help local communities address poverty. The name “Emerge Solutions” was adopted in September 2015. The new name and our tagline, “Breakthroughs in Closing the Economic Gap,” better reflect our mission, emphasis on collaboration, and our expanded focus on seeking out and promoting proven solutions to transform communities from a broader range of sources. Today, Emerge Solutions is a member-driven, international organization that supports communities working to advance economic equality.

Our Purpose

Serving as a network for sharing ideas, best practices and funding opportunities

Facilitating research, data collection and evaluation

Collaborating with regional and national agencies, organizations and businesses

Identifying and advancing effective tools to stabilize individuals and communities

Educating policymakers at all levels about how the economic gap impacts society, and about how we can create healthier, more vibrant and more sustainable communities for everyone

Why You Should Join

Networking through our community of practice

Discover best-practices, share ideas and challenges, and ask questions

Access resources, articles, and tips & tricks that you can use NOW!

Exclusive educational opportunities from experts in poverty alleviation

Take a quest - join book clubs, classes, webinars, and conferences

Access the directory of members

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We also are happy to accept donations to scholarship investigators and graduates into the network.

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